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We thought you might have some questions about your new Just Flow Love Intuitive Heart so here are a few things about it!  If you have more questions, feel free to contact us!


My Just Flow Love Heart is kind of odd looking?  It's not symmetrical, there are marks showing through, and well, it's just weird?  Why?

These are created through intuition and flow.  I don't pay attention to making it pretty, or perfect, or really anything other than a heart!  My larger goal is to feel into what is to come through me for you.  To do that I have to kind of "leave" the normal world and go into a flow state.

It's so thick with paint layers.  Why?

"Guidance" and your painting itself are in charge of what occurs on that canvas. For some it may take 10 - 20 layers, and for others much less.  My job is to keep painting until it tells me it's done.

I offered the person who gave it as a gift, my personal goals and desires?  Are they going to remain confidential, and how to they exactly appear on the painting?

I am the only artist and only work with your first name.  I shred and throw away any notes when the paintings are done.  The way they "appear" on the painting is multi faceted.  On some of the gift ones, the purchaser wrote some notes to you on the canvas, before I started. They put their energy of love onto it as well as what comes through me.   Your desires "feel" like a certain color, a certain thickness of brush stroke, a certain thickness of lines and the hearts themselves occurs as well.   Sometimes the two halves are separate and sometimes the whole heart is cohesive in color.  The background is part of it too!  In one case this year one of the purchasers wanted to put glitter on the canvasses first.  If that happened on yours, you will see the glitter or maybe some texture in your canvas.

How does the heart work? What do I do with it? Does it matter where I put it?

Your heart carries "energy" "healing" and "guidance". You don't have to "do" anything, but put it into a space that you frequent and it will do it's thing!  You can talk to it, spend a minute or two contemplating it daily, or if you are a meditator, you can put it as a focal point or part of your shrine. It can sit on your desk at work, beside your bed, in the kitchen, really anywhere.  You might just ask it where it wants to be.

How do I know it's working?

For many, the changes or wisdom will be very subtle!  For others you will notice that something feels different than it used to, or some things showed up in your life unexpectedly, etc.  We'd love to hear what you notice!  The more you trust it and play with the idea of it, the better your heart can serve you!

More questions? Contact us!

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