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Just Flow Love is created at Wisdom Spaces, a 32 acre retreat center where people come to heal and find their wisdom and their way!  

Larger works are on display in the cottage and we offer workshops and weekend retreats to learn how to flow your own love!  

Visits are by appointment only so contact us to stop by and shop or visit to participate in an event, workshop or session!

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I want to give your 4 x 4's as gifts for Xmas. Are you still taking orders?

Yes! We have a pretty large stock of Just Flow Love 4x4's waiting for their appropriate people to find them!

Can I get a "Custom" Just Flow Love Painting for someone who is struggling?

We are still taking orders for Christmas and we are always taking custom orders with specific intentions for specific people. The turn around time is usually a week, but contact us to learn more when you are desiring one.

Can we get the Just Flow Love Intuitive Paintings in bigger sizes?

Yes! We have all kinds of sizes in stock here at Wisdom Spaces, (the big ones are really powerful!) They are too costly to ship so you would need to make the trip to see and buy them! We can sell them from remotely though and hold them for you! They are displayed in the store and can be bought on the web site so they don't sell to someone else! We can also flow a custom one in any size as well!

Do you teach others how to "Just Flow Love" Intuitive Paint?

Absolutely! I believe that the more people flowing love, the healthier our world. We currently offer day long retreats on Sundays where you come to Wisdom Spaces and experience this amazingly healing process! We offer this to anyone ages 14 and up!

Can we come with friends or with our family?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Please bring anyone to Wisdom Spaces and take a nature walk, hang out on the 250 year old porch, see the hearts and other intuitive pieces, visit our healing ponies, and make an adventure of it! You just need to make an appointment as we are not generally open to the public, although we are planning to shift that next Spring! We can make ourselves available most days or weekends if we know you want to come!

What about younger kids? Do they get the opportunity to experience Just Flow Love intuitive painting?

We are planning to offer "Just Flow Love" workshops and birthday parties, to give smaller kids the opportunity to intuitively flow their creativity and flow their love to each other! Coming in January 2019! If you want to learn more, contact us and we will send you an email with updates, or join the Wisdom Spaces newsletter distribution which has announcements of all our happenings as well as offering weekly wisdom and love!

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Just Flow Love is a division of Coach Carla Companies LLC   Live Better!