Welcome to

The Just Flow Love Project!

Love is the highest expression of humanity...

The Just Flow Love Project is my quest to put healing, loving, hearts, everywhere. 

For whether you are lucky enough to have the experience of flowing love onto a canvas, or you were gifted one, 

these little soldiers of love are constant reminders and energy shifters

to help us all return to love,

every day.



  • Purchase a Just Flow Love Heart for someone you love.

  • Commission a Custom , Intuitive Just Flow Love Heart, painted specifically for you, a loved one or your business.

  • Join us for a Just Flow Love intuitive painting experience as a fund raiser for someone in need or a charity.

When you experience flowing a JFL painting  with family, friends, and work family, everyone's heart bursts wide open with joy, freedom, and creativity, resulting in deep connection for living more cohesively and powerfully.

All of the heart pieces are created with a sole focus of  flowng love.  They sit in your space and offer healing and guidance to all who come in contact with them!

Being in the energy of love, heals you, your loved ones, and the world!

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Just Flow Love is a division of Coach Carla Companies LLC 




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