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My Story of the Very Reluctant Artist

I believe that love heals everything.  Navigating life today is complicated and there is a lot of struggle for people of all ages.   Receiving love and flowing love offers instant relief.
These little paintings contain a loving energy, and they sit in your space, offering love, healing and guidance.  It's a sort of magic power!

I became an intuitive artist 2 years ago, by complete accident.  I have a learning disability where my eyes don't translate images to my mind's eye and thus also to my hands when I try to draw something.  I can't plan space and when I even try to visually copy an image, it comes out distorted and disproportionate.


 But painting was calling me and I kept trying and eventually discovered, that the way I had to create offered many benefits for those who come in contact with the art


I have always been very sensitive and had an intuitive, knowing of "things beyond." I could see the truth of a person and felt the energy of even inanimate and unseen objects. 


Unlike most like me who might be termed healer or psychic, my modality of knowing is "feeling" not seeing.  I feel things deeply. 


I also have always hated creating art, because, well... I was bad at it.  

The longer version of this story is being written in a book called "The Very Reluctant Artist."  In it I describe in detail the way this very unlikely path was born, my complete resistance in my ability to create ANYTHING that might be appealing to people, and then how that exact thing happened, and then the "download and guidance" that flowing the energy of love, healing, and guidance onto a canvas is my next life's work!

I was incredulous of the smirkiness of the task, not only that I would be an artist, but that these works would offer healing, love and guidance.  "You want me to create a sort of "pet rock" of art?" I asked guidance.  

"Yes we do!"  "Stand in the truth of the paintings themselves and and be unwavering in your truth,  and this will be very helpful to everyone, very important," they said.

So I kept painting, and eventually a process was born where I focus solely on my energetic flow vs the composition or a desired ending outcome of the painting of any kind. 

Images literally "arrive" on the canvas after many, many, layers of flow.


Then people liked them!  I couldn't believe it!

Then they wanted to buy them!  I couldn't believe that either!

Then I got an art show and every piece was bought!  I started then to believe.

Then I saw that the hearts were desired, so I started to paint a lot more of those.

Then the clarity came.

Flowing love is it and here's why.  I get to be in love a lot of my time in my day, 

I get to gift love and help others gift love.   The paintings help all those who grace their presence be more wise and loving, and so on and so on.

It's like when you drop a pebble onto a still pond, the rings flow out.  These paintings are the pebble and the world is the pond.  

A delightful and healing way to shift the world to a better place one painting at a time!

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