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  • Carla Hakim O'Brien

Perfectly Imperfect

what if what occurs is what is to occur?

When we compose art (and life for that matter) with complete focus on

the perfection of each color choice

the perfection of each brush stroke

the perfection of the mud when you mix the colors too much

the perfection of the process, perfect presence itself flowing onto a canvas

then there are no mistakes

there is only joy and creating...

Think about it. We as humans are all different, right? But some of us who look and act a lot "differenter" are slapped with a label, a description, a diagnosis, because they seemingly need to be fixed.

But what if the creator can make no mistakes?

What if we trusted that everything is perfection, and that maybe our logical human minds are simply conditioned to see it otherwise?

Who are we to know better than the Creator that someone or something is somehow, less than perfect?


and trusting what is,

is where the joy and magic begin!

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